Business Law

 If you are a  business owner, or conduct business in northern Virginia, you are well  aware of the many legal pitfalls which can be waiting around the corner  for you to enforce a contract or lease, or to collect or pay a debt.  Without a lawyer to represent you, you may be putting your business at  risk, unless you have someone with experience as a business transaction  attorney to assist you. 


  • Do you want to incorporate your business in Virginia, but don't quite know what forms to file and licenses you may need?
  • Are  you seeking to incorporate a small business in Virginia and want legal  advice as to what the best form your business should take, considering  liability and tax issues?
  • Do you seek  help in removing a tenant from your residential or commercial lease and  ensure he pays what he owes you when he leaves?
  • Do you need help to enforce a contract or get out of one that you entered into?
  • Do you need an attorney to consult with to help you run your small business, who is versed in employment and labor laws?
  • Maybe  you have a debt that you are trying to collect and are fed up with the  lack of results you are be getting from your debt collection company?
  • Are  you seeking an experienced business lawyer who won't charge you "an arm  and a leg" to give you advice or litigate your case in court?

 I can offer  you some peace of mind to help you potentially recover lost business  funds or prevent loss of income to your business.  I hope to be your  business attorney to zealously advocate protecting your business  interests.