Estate Planning

 Securing  your family's future is key when you are temporarily or permanently  disabled, or upon your death.  You need to consider a General Durable  Power of Attorney, an Advanced Directive, or a simple or trust Will to  protect your family's interests.  These documents are tailored to your  specific needs and are quite cost-effective. 


  • Do you want a will, codicil or trust to ensure that recent changes in your family structure are accounted for?
  • Do  you need protection in the event that you may become temporarily  disabled, to include selling your house to finance your medical expenses  so that your loved ones won't have to raise the funds?
  • Do  you need a living will in the event that you become permanently  disabled so that your loved ones won't have to fight the issue of your  "right to die" in court?
  • Do you want a  legal professional to quote you a fixed price on estate planning  documents, such that you won't risk trying to do it yourself or pay  another professional their hourly rate?


Without  these key estate planning documents, you will suffer the uncertain  intestate laws governing the transfer of your assets as the Commonwealth  deems appropriate, not necessarily what you want.  Please see me to  protect your hard-earned estate from arbitrary decisions made by the  probate department of your local county clerk's office.