Family Law


  • Are you embroiled in a difficult, potentially costly, divorce fight and you have no idea where to turn?
  • Do  you seek to protect your right to spend valuable time with your  children, either wanting to have physical custody of them or healthy  visitation with them?
  • Do you want to  ensure that you are consulted on decisions to be made as to your  children's health and educational needs even though you may not enjoy  physical custody of them?
  • Are you afraid of losing all or most of your valuable possessions to your partner who is divorcing you?
  • Are you being threatened with a lawsuit for child support of a child that you are not sure is yours?
  • Do you not want to take out a major loan in order to finance your costs of domestic litigation?

Whether  you need a good attorney to make sure your interests are protected in  any divorce or separation situation, or need a strong advocate on your  behalf in a custody dispute, I am an experienced attorney who can help  you navigate the legal system to get you a decent outcome.


My  broad range of experience in all types of family law will ensure your  unique situation is handled assertively and professionally.  Whether you  have a complex custody, property, or financial issue arising from your  circumstances, or you simply want a non-contested divorce, I will  advocate your matter to protect your interests.