Traffic Law

 Whether you  find yourself with a reckless driving charge, a DUI, or other traffic  charge where you may be facing hefty fines, points, loss of license, or  even jail time, I will explain the options you face and will diligently  fight for your rights. 


  • Do you want a lawyer who will tell you forthrightly that you may  not need a lawyer to represent you based upon your alleged traffic  offense?
  • Do you need someone to  represent you on your alleged traffic case, that can either win that  case for you outright, or negotiate with the Prosecutor so that you  receive a lesser charge, and/or less points on your driving record?
  • Do  you have a DUI charge that could result in mandatory or discretionary  jail time that you need an experienced trial lawyer to help you avoid?

 As a seasoned defense attorney, I know the laws and the burden of proof  the prosecutor must show to find you guilty.  I strive to keep up with  the most current case law and use it to your advantage.  Virginia  traffic laws are strict.  For example, a reckless driving charge in  Virginia is a criminal misdemeanor, whereas in other States, it's an  infraction.  Don't take some Virginia traffic matters lightly and,  instead, hire an experienced defense attorney to help you.